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As of my own experience in this subject i wanted to reflect the things i've learned about trading. Speciffically Guru's. There are thousands of sell proclaimed gurus floating around the internet, and i'm sick and tired of the shit they put out, trying to convice people into there scam. My point is that you dont need gurus to learn how to trade. Ask yourself this question; if they claim to be rich from trading, why would they charge money to learn you how to use their 'strategy'? Doesn't seem legit does it. First of all, the people that really make alot of money with forex and trading in general, are to busy making money. All the other's specifically on youtube are just fake retards, selling you the dream and charging a lot of money for it while the same information they teach use is available for free on the internet. I'm not saying that everything on youtube is bullshit, there's alot you can learn from some people. I'm just saying you shouldn't waste money on a course, signal group, ebook or coaching session. It's just useless. Personally i think that the best way to learn how to trade in any market is to just trade. Losing money is the best way to learn how to prevent that in the future. I'm not saying you should start trading unprepaired. But instead of following these fake gurus, go to the library and read some books, Do some research on wikipedia, look at professional traders who have proven to be very rich by trading, and try to figure out what they all have in common. But still, the best way to learn is to just do it. Don't waste thousands of dollars on a course where all the information is available on the internet for free. But use that money to buy some books, and fund your account. Two things you have to remember before opening a trading account is: Your not going to be rich in less than a month, and you will lose money. Trading is all about the attitude, but more on that later. Also:
Fake guru checklist:
-sells course for thousands of dollars -shows off money and cars -signal group -sells ebook -never get's to the point in 'free videos' -have a 'secret strategy' -say you can become a millionaire overnight
note: if it sounds to good to be true, it might not be true.
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Ref Wayne lesson for making money forex trading success ...

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